William W. Lager

A selection of data driven maps, cartography, and other visualizations.

Line 3 through Minnesota

Minnesota's Line 3 oil pipeline proposal: The basics

The map created from various data sources. GIS data from State of Minnesota, petro-chemical pipeline data from U.S. DoE and MN Dept. of Commerce, and other sources - MPR News

Hennepin County begins project to assess sinkhole risk

GIS data from multiple sources - MPR News

Trump's northern Minnesota backers keep the faith, for now

Tiled basemap crafted for the Storymap.js embed. Custom created icons and crafed basemap that includes GIS driven county and municipal borders, geographic features and roads along the route of Highway 1 across northern Minnesota - MPR News

'We don't close our lakes': In battle against aquatic invaders, it's protection vs. access

GIS data, MN DNR data, database of infested lakes - MPR News

Only a small portion of Upper Red Lake is accessible to non-tribal members

GIS data for treaty boundaries, water bodies and tribal access areas. - MPR News

Iron Range mobile team offers mental health help to go

GIS data, travel time data from Cook Hospital - MPR News

Rural hospitals retreat from delivering babies; small towns pay the price

GIS road, land and municipality data, travel time data - MPR News

Preserved parcels offer glimpse of Minnesota gone by

GIS data interpreted into flat map. Showing current and historic natural prairie areas across Minnesota. - MPR News

Red Lake River flowing through Crookston, Minn.

GIS data for hillshade and elevation with flood plain and water body data. - MPR News

In Minnesota's Bonanza Valley, DNR gauges water use as farmers watch

GIS terrain, road, hillshade and water body data, combined with MN DNR region data.

As Rochester grows, 'trailing spouses' still struggle to find work

GIS data, APM Research Lab data, U.S. Census data - MPR News

Snowstorm for social media

National Weather Service precipitation data with GIS map data. - MPR News

Rural MN demographics, from the Fighting for an American Countryside project

Minnesota Demographic Center data and GIS - MPR News

MN Dept of Commerce, US DOE GIS data - MPR News

Minnesota ramps up hunt for arsenic in wells

MN DNR, county GIS data - MPR News

Minnesota ramps up hunt for arsenic in wells

MPCA arsenic testing data - MPR News