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William W. Lager

I work in the space where data, journalism, visual storytelling, audience engagement, product and design meet, and build the bridges that link them together. My work creates connection, invokes wonder, discovery and understanding of our world and each other. I won some awards for it.

I build collaborative, inclusive and equitable spaces that serve our communities where they are now and where they will be, with a commitment towards those marginalized, ignored or underserved by traditional media and institutions.

I make the complex accessible and essential through my journalism. No stranger to the logistics of engagement, I bring a product mindset and design thinking to my storytelling and a wealth of experience in how to utilize systems to best serve audiences. My projects range from the hopeful to the horrific. Each revealing broken trusts, abuse, inequity and hope, while illuminating the shared humanity that we may otherwise overlook.

As a generalist working across the spaces between traditional journalism roles, I fluidly move between content creation, delivery system development, audience engagement, and back, to build bridges in our symbiotic ecosystem that can, and must, exist between audiences, each other and organizations. I live for finding new ways for us to build these bridges, while maintaining and strengthening the ethics and the best of journalism traditions.

During the pandemic, I've also taken on producing online conferences, like the Lenfest News Philanthropy Summit.

william.lager[at] | @iniwil | on Linkedin | pronounced wil ยท laa gr